September 5th, 2007

Loz Cola


Okay, fics written as (my, on the whole, pornier alter-ego) petametermaid, which will get added to the fic index.

Inverse, Sam/Gene slash, PWP, NC-17 rated, 2,300 words.
"No. That’s part of it sure, but…” Sam stops. His face clears and he rubs his full lower lip with his thumb. It’s as if he’s finally figured out Pythagoras’s theorem after three solid years of being confused. “Do you, perhaps, need a crash course in male anatomy?"
I honestly cannot believe I wrote this. But I did.

Brace Yourself (Here Comes the Blade), Sam/Gene slash, PG-13 rated, 5,900 words.
It's a weekend away in Blackpool that doesn't exactly go according to plan. “Never said I was complaining now.” Sam’s eyes glinted, but Gene didn’t see, it being one of the rare occasions where he had his eyes on the road. “Sometimes it’s just nice to get it over and done with.”

Knowing is not as good as Loving, Sam/Annie, PWP, NC-17 rated, 1035 words.
He winds his arms around her and it’s painful, but she welcomes the pain, relishes it, because at least it’s something other than numb.

as pretty and lovely as you, Sam/Phyllis, PWP, NC-17 rated, suggestions of dubious consent, 1080 words.
She pulls the pins out of her hair and lets it fall in waves and tendrils, light brown and flowing. He’s never seen her with her hair down. She’s always kept it up before. Keeping this strictly severe. But he’s been a good boy. He deserves a measure of tenderness.

Said and Unsaid, Sam/Gene slash, PG rated, 1700 words.
"I promise I'll only take advantage if I absolutely have to." The bell chimes and Sam stands. "Time for my rounds. Make yourself a coffee or something, otherwise I'll come back to a Gene Genie icicle, and I'm not sure I've the strength to carry you."