August 20th, 2007

Loz Cola

Too much carbon monoxide...

My ear is still infected. It's extremely annoying to only have it working at half capacity. It makes me feel like doing a meme.

10 references I expect my nearest and dearest to get. Oh, hey, that's you.

1. Flingel glorb glorbamagloob.
2. Thank you.
3. This vibrant skin, this hair like lace.
4. Haven't you read the super villain's handbook? This is where you're supposed to twirl your moustache and gloat.
5. It's all over now, sir. All over.
6. Tapioca!
7. But the film is a sadd'ning bore, 'cause I wrote it ten times or more.
8. Indeed, Wendelin the Weird enjoyed being burned so much that she allowed herself to be caught no less than forty-seven times in various disguises.
9. I see a little silhouetto of a man.
10. "I see at as a tribute to Christo, the artist."/"I see it as a waste of Baco, the foil."

If you got all of them, I'd be in awe of you. Also - suspect that you may be preparing to clone me.