August 9th, 2007

Loz Cola

Voice Post:

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“Greetings livejournal, from a land far far away. I thought I'd call & tell you how I'm getting on. I currently have a cold. I seem to always have a cold when I'm doing these things. I won't have the internet installed here until late next week because I had some troubles with my telephone line. I've received two magnificent presents in my time away, the first is from Ducky, so thank you Ducky it was much enjoyed in my second week of constant work. I may have to marry you. The second was from a benevolent benefactor. It's called a moo mixer & it is so very awesome it's made my entire year. It says on the box that's it's moolicious. Basically, it's milkshake tumbler that mixes the shakes with rotating paddle & you really have to see it to understand why I'm so excited, so thank you person who seemed to want to remain nameless. I hope everyone out there is doing well & I intend to be annoying you with constant updates again very soon. Lots of love, Loz”

Transcribed by: lozenger8