July 11th, 2007

Loz Cola

Walked a couple of blocks to her destination...

I did this last year - and since I'm leaving on Saturday for a month or maybe more, I wanted to do it again, as a sort of "hi, I still totally love you" gesture.

Comment on this post if you would like me to make you a custom icon.

I can make either custom name icons (like my Loz ones), fandom specific icons (either you specify your fandom or I choose it from your LJ interests list) or even a random icon if you want (let's say you want one of tea.)

So, please make sure you ask for what you want;
"I'd like a name icon please, my favourite colour is orange."
"I've been needing another Hermione/RayV/Rose/Nelson/Sharpe/Daniel/Fry icon."
"I don't care what you do, do what you want, I won't be at all disappointed when I end up with an icon of a mushroom."