June 17th, 2007

John Simm (Oral Fixation)

I believe in the prozac nation...

Things that are made of win:

I saw the recent interview with Nick Frost on Jonathan Ross and he and Simon are madly in love. I love them. ♥ I adore how neither of them are afraid to appear totally gay for each other. And they're actually not. To be able to find love like that. They're lucky.

Farscape. You guys know me so well. I'm now halfway through the first season and it's kind of awesome. D'Argo made me teary. Rygel is such a great character. John/Aeryn eeeee! And I really like the show. So yes. I'm sold. Well done.

Things that are made of suck:

I have not seen the latest Doctor Who episode and I am not likely to for a few days, possibly a week. This is not fair. It's my fault, of course. But I shall pout for a while longer.

I have two zits right by my nose. They sting. You needed to know this.

Other Things:

One of the reasons I love Life on Mars so much is that it places a person who has the most power general society can afford (white, male, money-making law enforcer) and strips him of power, disenfranchises him, pushes him to the outer circle. The part of me that belongs on the fringe revels in that. Sam is, by no means, in the lower level of society in 73 - he's still a white, male, law enforcer - but he now has to contend with being an outsider in sensibility, attitude and understanding. Sam is Us, showing us what we choose to ignore - in extreme terms - holding a mirror up to life. I'd always known this, but I hadn't articulated it for myself before, put it into one solid idea.

Another reason I love Life on Mars is that John Simm is really hot. Okay, so usually, I don't just publically say that, because I know it makes him kind of uncomfortable and clearly he reads my LJ, yo. But he is. Like burning. Hot. And so is Phil. And so we end up with ten times the hotness, because 1 + 1 = fansplosion. Why, yes, yes, I am bridging my lack of DW watching with wild fangirling.