June 5th, 2007

Loz Futurama

Sliding doors...

The following post was written on, er, Saturday --- so, yes. Now that LJ is letting me post, I thought I'd post it:

So, I'm finally going through the special features on the Life on Mars series two DVDs and the 'behind the scenes of Tufty's Cameo' segment about killed me.

Oh, Phil. ♥ And John! And Phil and John together. They make me happy. How boring were the people at the BBC reception desk? Ye gads. If I saw a giant Phil Glenister/Gene Hunt squirrel, I'd be laughing my head off. And trying to stroke his fur.

The 'behind the scenes of the car bomb' segment had a similar lovely Phil and John moment - but it also had a lot of Dean brilliance. Pledging his love, car and 30 quid to his partner and kids (his kids? I didn't know he had any!), 'just in case' - hahaha! And Marshall is lovely! And Liz is so sweet! How much do I love these guys? A whole lot. Watching the production behind parts of the show, how many people it took, and how hard they worked - well, it makes me feel mean for every criticism I've ever had. It also fascinates me - bringing out my inner Film Studies major.

Sometimes I wonder what life would be like if I'd gone down the practical route of my Film Studies topic instead of the theoretical one. I wish I'd had the option of doing them both, but my English major was more important to me at the time --- and I guess I'm glad I chose Literature, rather than working on amateur films with a hope for entering the severely limited film industry we have in South Australia. Only a couple of the people I know who did the practical film studies topics actually got jobs in that avenue. Then again, I went for a 'real profession' and I'm still unemployed. Oh the juicy, juicy irony. I suppose I'll have to console myself that when it comes down to it, I'm more comfortable watching the product than involving myself with the less glamourous aspects of creating it.

Still. Those what ifs are always amusing. What if I'd crushed a butterfly when I was four, you know? The paths we only view and the paths we take.
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