May 30th, 2007

Loz Cola

This is our domain...

It feels like fandom and the fannish identity is under siege at the moment. This may be a knee jerk reaction, but even if you're on the outskirts, chances are you know about money-grubbing exploitative ventures or the very recent and quite scary suspensions (some of which are completely justified and others, not so much.)

And it may be that only certain subsections of fandom (the fic producing portion, a smaller group within the fic producing portion) are being subjected to this kind of scrutiny, but it affects us all.

You know what? I'm proud of being a fan. It's a large part of my identity and I've had the luxury to be open about it. The fannish community is a crazy, mixed up world that involves drama, wank and supposed deviance. It's also an extraordinary community that involves warmth, creativity, intelligence, invention, moral and emotional support and entertainment.

Individual fans are amazing - and as a group, we're powerful. Remember that.