May 28th, 2007

Loz Cola

I will come for you at night time...

Is it bad that I'm really looking forward to a film that comes out next year? I love how director Sacha Bennett has gone about marketing Tuesday - being open and honest and generous; "I have pics, look here!" Also? Fantastic pictures. Getting John Simm and Phil Glenister involved in the first place - with Phil playing a character called Earp, who wears a neckerchief! And John a character called Silver, who wears a cap! AKLDH@%$@^#! Relating to the fans and letting them visit the set? Win. It's so low budget and I find that entirely endearing. This is the way I wish it was more often.
Loz Target

I will kiss you in four places...

I go back to live with my parents and Nick tomorrow. On the one hand, I'm pleased. I do love my family. On the other, I'm not. I rather liked living by myself - especially in a construct that meant I had no bills to pay.

I'm looking into volunteer work this week. I'm sick of feeling like my life has no purpose. I wish I could say it was an entirely altruistic venture, but I'll be honest and say that I also need to fulfill my 'mutual obligation agreement' to continue receiving money from the Government. That means a certain amount of hours per week of part time work, training and/or volunteering.

Since I seem incapable of landing part time work, and I don't actually need more training, volunteer work it is. But I want to do it. I should have started before - as soon as I saw TRT work wasn't coming thick and fast. As strange as it may seem, doing nothing productive over several months is actually quite soul destroying. I've been growing to steadily hate myself and I can't have that, I'm my own best friend, I don't like it when we feud. Of course, TRT work is likely to start coming now so I'll have to make that perfectly clear - and it will even out my 'mutual obligation', too.

2007 so far has been the year of inertia.