May 8th, 2007


It's copulation perpendicular...

As some of you know, I have a habit of fangirling unlikely actors.

Long, long before Life on Mars I fell head over heels for Philip Glenister and watched everything I could get my hands on that he was in. At the time, I didn't have much money, so sadly I missed out on a lot - but he also had this brilliant knack of being in lots of things ABC would show. I would squeak in joy at seeing him in the credits. It would drive my father mad.

Similarly, I've always been madly keen on Hugh Bonneville, who I just think is fantastic. I'm mid-way through watching Beau Brummell - This Charming Man and I have to say, this feeling still stays with me. I was rather astonished and heartbroken when I saw Hugh turn up in an American sitcom, but it appears to have been a temporary thing and he's back playing all of those sorts of roles that have people going "hey, look, it's that guy - wasn't he different in Notting Hill?" and me going "OMG, YAY HUGH!"

And yes, I really do fangirl both Phil and Hugh like others fangirl teenage heart-throbs - something that I'm sure would amuse and terrify them both.

In an amusing coincidence, this production is written by Simon Bent, who also wrote The Yellow House and the adaptation of Elling that John Simm has been appearing in at The Bush. Oh, British entertainment industry, your incestuous nature makes me so happy. You can pretty much guess that now I'm waiting for Hugh to be in something with John and/or Phil and then my life will be complete.

Unfortunately, the use of camerawork in Beau Brummell - This Charming Man is annoying me to extremes. There's nothing I dislike more than ill-advised slow-motion and affected devices that are quite unnecessary.