April 9th, 2007

Loz Cola

Half of what I say is meaningless...

Mark Heap is kind of amazing and I love him madly. It's bad that Statham is my favourite character in Green Wing. Also, I'm glad I stuck with the show, because the strangeness is worth it.

I rewatched series 2, episode 7 of Life on Mars with my family and I can't believe I wasn't a BALL OF GLEE after first viewing. So, so, great!!! (Exclamation points there for blancafic.) Collapse ) Really, I'm still shocked I wasn't all capslock - interrupting an episode halfway through really does botch the momentum. Even though it's still not my favourite, it's high up there on the 'fantastic' list - there are so many magical moments.

The latest series of Doctor Who is goofy, goofy fun - there were happy squeaking times - especially at the brilliant line Collapse ) I like Martha, even though I sometimes find Freema Agyeman's line delivery a bit strange. But then, I find that with Liz White as Annie in Life on Mars too, so maybe it's me?

And, since this appears to have been largely about me watching television, I suppose I'll finish by saying I have lots of other things on queue to watch - the rest of Hustle, Wind in the Willows, Beau Brummell - This Charming Man, Tsunami - The Aftermath, The Other Boleyn Girl, Blakes 7, The Professionals - lots and lots and lots. Which is good. Because my favourite show is finishing. I don't want it to. And I may cry for a really, really long time.