March 30th, 2007

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First Day of the rest of my life (quite literally)...

Before we start: TRT = Temporary Relief Teaching = Substitute teaching.

Today was the first day I taught by myself as a professional. As you can see, I am still alive. I had TRT work in a Private School. It was a rather posh looking place. I had year 3s (8 year olds). They were, for the most part, very well behaved and very supportive, which is a major yay! They responded to me well, remembered my name (it helps that I remembered theirs) and they actually got some work completed.

Even though I was initially told it might only be the morning, it did end up being the entire day. I was really lucky, though. In the morning they had a Chapel service and in the afternoon they had Resource Based Learning (Library time).

I made quite a few silly mistakes. I'd assumed by year three they could do the "you hand out this page" and "you hand out this page" thing. They can't. Or at least, these specific students couldn't. I also accidentally buried one set of sheets I should have given them under the Mental Maths books on the desk. So that got written down in my note to their regular teacher. I stuck them into their books, though, and I marked the work I had them do. The main problem I had with the students was ferrying them to and fro in an orderly manner, but that kind of micromanagement comes with time.

In conclusion - still want to be a teacher.

Thanks to everyone who wished me luck. It was greatly appreciated!