March 20th, 2007

Loz Cola

Things I am finding out...

Alcohol doesn't make writing easier for me. It makes it harder. I can't spell a damn thing. Bellig, beligg, belig? Bwuh? And my LoM/Hot Fuzz crossover has hit over 7000 words and is only a quarter way done. Fuck. Meanwhile, I absolutely adore Angel and Sam together. Yay! I hate plot, though. I wish you could just get away with having characters in a giant grey room talking together. Eeee.

I still apparently have a ridiculously high alcohol tolerance level. I've had two vodkas and around four standard sherries and despite the fact I need to retype everything, I'm still relatively lucid. Although, I apparently rely way too much on the question mark approach to speaking when tipsy/drunk. Hahahahaha.