March 3rd, 2007

Loz Cola

Welcome to my parlour, said the spider to the fly...

Things of not so much brilliance:

  • I got sunburnt. Badly. Despite having put on a bucketload of sunscreen before, during and after the event. I am now crispified Loz. I come with special dipping sauces.

  • I appear to have come down with a dose of the dumb. I can't articulate myself properly. For example, mum asked me if I wanted any crisps last night and I stammered out "vanilla". It took me a while to get to "salt and vinegar". It's not the sunburn, either, because I've been like this for about half a week. Which reminds me - the stammering and stuttering is back! I hadn't missed it. I have a kind of job interview thingy on Monday, so I hope it clears up by then. Is there medication for this kind of thing?

  • I'm feeling uncomfortable about going back on my principles and applying for a TRT agency that caters to non-government schools. I don't believe in private education, so I feel I shouldn't teach within that system - but I am getting desperate for experience, and you have to grab it wherever you can.

Things of brilliance:

  • Vroom vroom. Cars! Glittering cars. Going fast. Words cannot express how cool it was sitting and watching an assortment of vehicles go racing by. I liked the Aussie Cars the most - miniature replicas of the fullsize V8s, kitted out with motorbike engines. They were so cute.

  • I got to see Thirsty Merc again on Thursday night, as they played the after-race concert. They were awesome in every way. That's the second gig of theirs I've been to. I want to go to a third. Really, they're very talented. I love their songs.

  • Hot Fuzz comes out March 15 - unlike when we had to wait something like 4 months for Shaun. That's the day before I get to see Weird Al in concert. YAY for being a giant geek!

  • Current Music
    Thirsty Merc - 20 Good Reasons (in my head)