February 16th, 2007

Loz Cola

Oh my yes...

My Life on Mars series one DVDs finally arrived from Britain, so I am listening to the commentaries. A lot of what has been said so far I've already read, but it's so lovely to hear it from Bharat, Claire and Matthew.

It has to be said, I'm falling in deeper crush with Matthew. I didn't think that was possible, but he just made a Harry Potter reference in a self-reflexive jokey way. ♥ And now he's admitting he steals from other writers. I have only one thing to say to that - bad artists copy, good artists steal.

I love the collective aspect to the making of the show. I know that I often tend to overlook the wider contribution when it comes to the making of a television series. I try to remember to mention things like lighting and blocking, to take notice, as a sort of relic of my Screen Studies major, but more often than not, because I like to write, I concentrate on the auteur nature of that.

And that's unfair in itself, because the writing for Life on Mars isn't a single author laying down the law. There's a team of different people with different opinions, adding little bits, omitting little bits, tightening and expanding. It's not fixed, it shifts. I'm really liking the insights into scenes which needed to be edited or added, or the ones that were thought of in the last minute, especially with a show that feels as seamless as Life on Mars.