February 1st, 2007

Loz Cola

There's nothing else in there at the moment...

How to tell that it has colonised your brain - I had a dream last night about Life on Mars, and it was wonderful.

The interesting thing was that the dream went from me being an invisible observer within the proceedings to pulling back from that, showing me watching it on television, and then depicting me flip out. The other interesting thing was that the scene wasn't all that different from something that happens in the first series, but it was just slightly different in the best possible way, and the dream me was on a high for around fifteen minutes. I'm so amused. I essentially had a fangirly dream about me fangirling.

And now I find that there's a sneak peek available of series 2 and... nyeugh. Want. To. Watch. But. Can't.

I need to go play The Sims 2 or something. I need to occupy my brain. Because even sleeping, it's reaching out for Life on Mars, and this is bad.