January 31st, 2007

Loz Cola

I did say the next few weeks would be unbearable...

So I kind of gave into base temptation and read the latest Ian Wylie article, which of course, included spoilers. And now I have a question...

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I'm not going to be able to stay off the internet for the next two weeks, but I wish I could, because I am bound to give in to more spoilers, and nooooo - I want to be pure, just like I was when I first watched the show. I knew nothing then, I want to know nothing now. But at the same time... there's all of this information just there, beckoning me.
Loz Cola

I'm really not as cynical as I may seem. Okay, maybe a little...

So, I appear to possibly have a job?

On the one hand, I won't get paid nearly as much as if I were teaching full time. On the other, getting any kind of solid TRT (substitute) work in Terms 1 and 2 is notoriously difficult. The hours are annoying (7-9 am and then 2.45-6.30 pm.) But I'll be around kids and will gain ideas about craft activities to do with kids. It's going to mean a return to my life-long affair with the public transport system, and I now don't have a student concession. However, it is relatively easy to get there and once you get your foot in the door and get yourself into a school environment, other work may follow.

I have a trial day next Wednesday, but in case anything goes terribly remiss (oops, forgot to put my brain in again), I'd be surprised if this doesn't turn into a more longterm thing. Before you congratulate me on being winsome and charming and confident - I pretty much had the position by default. Out of the eight people who asked for the job specifications, I was the only one who actually applied.

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