January 27th, 2007

Loz Cola

They say absence makes the heart grow fungus...

It didn't just take me fifty-five minutes to figure out that the reason the background image wasn't positioning correctly was because photobucket had resized it. And I certainly didn't punch the screen on the fifth attempt to get the damn thing to display. But if this had occurred, I'd probably be very pleased that I now have a classy layout courtesy of thefulcrum.

I went shopping with Nick today and got Vanity Fair (1998) on DVD. I saw it and had a miniature attack of fangirleria. I hear they have a cure for that now. Nick was very embarrassed to see me squeak, point and mouth wordlessly in glee. But it was totally warranted. I've wanted to see Phil as Dobbin from as far back as when I first saw him as Hobbs. \o/

Nick was even more embarrassed by what happened next. We went to the hairdressers to book him an appointment. Nick's name was written down and we were told that we could come back in half an hour's time. We journeyed, had lunch, and then we went back to the hairdessers. We sat down and the girl at the counter started reading out names.


No-one said anything.

She looked straight at Nick. "Jessica?" Nick asserted himself with his deepest voice. "Nick." She turned beet red. "Of course, sorry!" Twenty seconds later she said, "you're a very good looking boy."

Oh, how I laughed. I laughed so much. That's the second time Nick's been mistaken for a girl in my company. I think it's because we look alike. He's not really all that androgynous, but I guess the person looks at me, looks at him and thinks "uh..." It's so wonderful.
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