January 18th, 2007

Loz Cola

I'm gonna love you till I'm raggedy...

Okay, so, I've finally found that thing. You know. That writing thing. Where you discover that there are stories that you want to tell - but more importantly, there are stories that you need to tell. And sometimes, they're not the same.

I think, with a lot of [fandom] writing, you tend to get bombarded with these stories you want to tell. What if Sam and the team had to go undercover at a club as a glam rock band? Oooh, that'd be fun. You want to tell that story! But uh, do you really need to tell that story? Maybe you do. Maybe it's your burning desire and regardless of how anyone else might approach it, you've got to give it a try. Or maybe you don't. Maybe it's an amusing notion that you can see wouldn't quite work out, so you relegate it to the back shelf and concentrate on more pressing ideas.

It comes to this point where you find you need to balance between stories you merely have an inclination towards and stories you must get out there.

Does anyone else feel like this?