January 16th, 2007

Loz Cola

Tapioca is a comedy staple...

Title: As Humans, We Crave Disappointment
Fandom: Life on Mars
Rating: PG
Word Count: 4,830 words
Notes: Thank you to my brilliant beta, aerye. This was written as part of the yuletide New Year Resolutions Challenge.
Summary: Sam/Gene slash. For the longest time, all Sam has wanted is to go home. When he takes the opportunity to return to 2007, he discovers that home is not where he thought it was.

( Up at Yuletide )
Loz Cola

You used to say live and let live...

My weekend was great. I went to see The Pursuit of Happyness with Amy and Nathan. Then I got birthday/christmas presents. They were teacherly things. Stamps! Stickers! A cow print daily planner! And a beautiful pen! My card said I was "made of awesome" :D

I handed in my Teacher's Registration to DECS today, so I should get my letter of authority soon. Look forward to posts where I freak out about having to talk to principals and deputy principals of schools in order to convince them to hire me for relief/substitute teaching. Or not.

I've been gritting my teeth in my sleep. I officially dislike waking up with a toothache. I unofficially dislike waking up at all. It's due to stress. I have three obvious physical responses when I am stressed. I grit my teeth in my sleep. My eye starts twitching. And I bite my nails. Score three out of three.

I had a conversation with Mum today that went along the lines of:
Me: I almost walked the wrong way because I was daydreaming about John Simm.
Mum: Well, that was silly of you.
Me: Yep. So, word to the wise; don't daydream about John Simm unless you enjoy getting lost.
Mum: I wouldn't daydream about John Simm. Now, Gene on the other hand...

I am unconcerned by her apparent lack of John Simm love because I am safe in the knowledge that I shall convert her. This is years of Phil fandom having borne itself out. Finally, I am the victor. Also, I am unconcerned by the fact she was conflating characters with actors, because clearly, I do it all the time myself.

Some day soon I will go 24 hours without thinking about John, Phil or anything Life on Mars related. That day will most likely not occur this week since the LoM BBC site is changing. Also, I have nothing better to think about.