January 6th, 2007

Loz Cola

Clocking Off Caps and Captions Episode 6...

The final Clocking Off post until the rest of the series gets released on DVD.

Here, we have a collection of caps of Philip Glenister looking dashing, as well as more excellent Lesley Sharpe, Wil Johnson and Christine Tremarco. Also featured is Julian Rhind-Tutt, who is apparently famous for being in some show called Green Wing.

You'll find around 128 caps, each 720 by 416 pixels in size.

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Episode 1 (John Simm), Episode 2 (Christopher Eccleston), Episode 3 (Philip Glenister), Episode 4 (Wil Johnson), Episode 5 (Philip Glenister), Episode 6 (Philip Glenister).
Loz Rambles

Nacho nacho man, I wanna be a nacho man...


I miss it a lot. I mean, I know I consumed it as one does red cordial - as quickly as possible, whilst bopping around the room and emitting high-pitch squeaks - but I really want it to be back. Right this second. The promos are killing me.

The thing which depresses me, is that, unlike with Dexter, I haven't yet converted my brother Nick to full Heroes-love. This is a boy who not only became a fully fledged Dexter fan, but one who enjoys Life on Mars, was with me throughout the whole of my Battlestar Galactica obsession, even has a fondness for due South and Slings and Arrows and subjected himself to several hours of me giggling through Hornblower. We watch Doctor Who together. We watch Star Trek together. We've watched Kids in the Hall, NewsRadio and both obsess over and quote Futurama together. He even watched Torchwood with me (and mocked Torchwood with me), up until about episode eight, when he couldn't put himself through it anymore and I soldiered on alone (and he missed out, but as a straight male, I don't think he's as enamoured of boykissing as I am.) We're television buddies. And he doesn't adore Heroes. Not yet, anyway. It's mind-boggling.

You know, writing it down like that, I really seem like an evil overlord sister with the stuff I've made Nick watch. I promise he was a willing participant 95% of the time. Hee!