November 28th, 2006

Loz Cola

Clocking Off Episode 4 Caps and Captions...


I didn't completely forget, no fear.

There isn't much of Phil Glenister in this installment - but he'll be out in full force for the next two episodes. Okay, so in this post we have Phil, Wil Johnson, Diane Parish, Jason Sampson and various other people. There is naked flesh, so it's Not Safe For Work. Once again, it's not Phil's nakedness (for shame, for shame!) There are approximately 65 caps and they are 720 pixels by 416 pixels each.

I'm going to try and not just recount the entire episode plot.

Collapse )

Episode 1 (John Simm), Episode 2 (Christopher Eccleston), Episode 3 (Philip Glenister), Episode 4 (Wil Johnson), Episode 5 (Philip Glenister), Episode 6 (Philip Glenister).