November 16th, 2006

Loz Cola

Old at being young, young at being old...

You know that joy you get when you've finished writing the first draft of something? Yeah. I've got that joy right now. Ooooohhhhh yeah. I have finally finished the fic that grabbed onto me and wouldn't let go. Now I just need to get it edited. I may have failed at NaNo, but I haven't failed completely.

Tomorrow I go on an excursion to the Education Centre once more. Hopefully this time will be less ridiculous than last time (an event which occurred shortly after I registered with the Teachers Registration Board.) I got to look really stupid at the security desk - I couldn't remember the level the recruitment office was on - nor that it was called the recruitment office - so I was asking for 'the place where you give them documents and it's like you're part of DECS' - ... I'm pretty sure the security guard was thinking something along the lines of 'I DO NOT WANT THIS CRAZY GIRL NEAR MY KIDS EVER, EVER! SHE'S GOING TO BE A TEACHER?!'

I win.

You can still see how well you do at stalking me here. I'll figure out the points on the weekend. Answers so far have made me snort diet vanilla cola.