November 10th, 2006

Loz Rambles

Resurrection (or not)...

Thank you so much to everyone who has given advice and offered sympathy. It really is appreciated.

We scraped together some cash and took the maligned and malignant hard drive to a professional. The file system had imploded upon itself, and data recovery was a bust - so, it is all gone. But, I got a brand new 80GB hard drive (the previous one was 40GB) so I suppose it's not all bad. Actually, because he couldn't restore anything, the very lovely man who helped us did not charge a consultancy fee. He only charged us the very reasonable price for the hard drive. I love him.

It's rebuild from here. But not so much today. I have to go register to be a teacher today. This involves going to the library and getting documents signed by a justice of the peace and then trekking off to the city and forking out even more cash.

It has suddenly occurred to me just the extent of what I have lost. Programs I have to reinstall. Bookmarks I have to track down. On that last part, I guess I could ask for some help from my lovely friends list - what are some links which I must have bookmarked?

[Oh, and I almost forgot - how much chocolate is too much chocolate when needing consolation? ]