November 6th, 2006

Loz Cola

You light my way, you're my release...

1) Please tell me why I have 3,500 words of what's shaping up to be a very long Life on Mars story, when I've novel writing to do? I just... I do not get it. What the hell is it about this show that makes me do this? I know that the fact Phil plays Gene is a great big motivator (dance, little puppet, dance!) I have fallen in deep admiration and lust with John Simm (dance to my will, bwahahaha!) And I totally did watch 3 episodes of Clocking Off last night (which, can I just say? is unmissable if you're a Phil fan, really), and therefore feel like doing something Glenister-themed, but - it still doesn't quite explain it to me. There's something about Life on Mars which pings for me in all the right and wrong writerly places. And I know I have to stop conflating actors with characters, but it's fun.

2) I started actively looking for a job yesterday and it was really depressing and now I'm really depressed and WHY don't they have a special "Graduate Pre-Service Teacher" fund, for when you've just finished training to be a teacher, but aren't allowed to work in your chosen profession, and are completely stuffed when it comes to money? Because I know of at least two other people who would benefit - and that's enough, isn't it? Every job I look for - even the ones which are completely below the kind of education I have - (6 years of University, yo!) - ask for people with experience.

"Come work as a check-out chick - those devoid of life experience need not apply."

"Junior traineeships available (17 years or younger, preferably.) Sell your soul for a mint - as in 'a spearmint' - because we're stingy bastards."

I've looked at temping agencies and they're scary! They all ask for experience.

"Um. I have years-worth experience at squeaking loudly at the screen and drooling at inappropriate moments. You need those skills? I'm your girl."

3) I suck.

4) My free AVG anti-virus runs out in January, and this really pisses me off, because it's the best anti-virus software I've ever had and I don't exactly have the cash (poor not-even-student!) to fork out for the $30 American they're asking for the proper upgrade. I don't know why Grisoft have decided to be just as annoying as the other anti-virus providers, though I suspect it's because they know they have the best product on the market and want to actually profit from that.

5) I did say that Philip was amazing in Clocking Off, didn't I? I'm 'working' on the rest of the caps and captions. This, of course, isn't work - but is, in fact, immensely fun. He's really too wonderful for words. The following is a conversation I had with my mum this morning. This is almost word-for-word.

Me: And the first series of Clocking Off is brilliant and Phil looks really hot in it. He's all svelte and amazing.
Her: Okay.
Me: As in really, really hot. I almost couldn't believe it. There's this one scene where he's wearing-
Her: I have to get to work.
Me: -This jumper, and it's all black and long and I almost died.
Her: I'll admit that he's very powerful on screen, Laura, but I wouldn't exactly say he's good-looking. Oddly attractive, maybe.
Me: Pretty.
Her: Enigmatic.
Me: Drop-dead gorgeous.
Her: Believable.
Me: Completely sex-worthy, always, and often.
Her: I have to run. Now. Fast.
Me: You'll agree with me one day! You know you will. And it'll be soon!

My dialogue was all done in my not-so-very-good Mancunian accent, by the way.

6) I know, okay? I do know.
Loz Cola

Clocking Off Episode 3 Caps and Captions...

Clocking Off Episode 3 centres around Mack and his wife Katherine's relationship. That means we have quite a lot of Phil.

You'll find about 88 caps, which are 720 by 416 pixels in size. There is some nudity. Featured actors are Philip Glenister, Christine Tremarco, Lesley Sharp, Andrew Sheridan, Joan Campion, Wil Johnson, Jason Sampson and Darren Higham. Almost all of the caps are of Phil. I basically detail the plot of the entire episode, so if you don't want to know what it's about - you might not want to click.

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Episode 1 (John Simm), Episode 2 (Christopher Eccleston), Episode 3 (Philip Glenister), Episode 4 (Wil Johnson), Episode 5 (Philip Glenister), Episode 6 (Philip Glenister).