November 3rd, 2006

KITH (Ensemble)

Yuletide Santa Letter...

Dear Yuletide Santa,

To be honest, I couldn't remember what I requested, so I had to go and check. I'm quite pleased with what I asked for, actually. I hope you are too.

Your story doesn't have to be saccharine sweet, but I do tend to favour humour over angst any day. Apart from that, I like suspense and intrigue - mysteries of some sort. I love dialogue and banter between characters - depictions of strong friendships. I'm not usually into AU fics, but I'm willing to give anything a whirl.

I think it's pretty obvious from my requests that I'm a big fan of gen stories. I primarily write gen myself. Alternatively, I am fine with both slash and het, but I would prefer alluded sex over graphic sex scenes. I don't have any OTP aspirations in any of the fandoms I requested.

I really am very open minded. I hope I've been somewhat useful with my prompts and this post. If not - just write whatever makes you happy. I'm sure I'll love whatever you do and this is supposed to be fun, not a burden. If you have the burning desire to write something which is the opposite to what I am saying here - write it. If you're convinced in your work, I'll most likely be convinced too.

Good luck!