November 2nd, 2006

Loz Cola

Clocking Off Episode 2 Caps and Captions...

Clocking Off Episode 2 features the rather lovely Christopher Eccleston and only a little bit of Philip Glenister. There's also Sarah Lancashire, Lucy Hodgkinson, Jack Shepherd, and Tina O'Brien, plus a few others. So - under the cut you'll find around 76 caps - 720 by 416 pixels in size. There's some naked Eccleston flesh. And slightly more spoilerish information this time around, I'm afraid.

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Episode 1 (John Simm), Episode 2 (Christopher Eccleston), Episode 3 (Philip Glenister), Episode 4 (Wil Johnson), Episode 5 (Philip Glenister), Episode 6 (Philip Glenister).