November 1st, 2006

Loz Cola

When walls come crashing down around my feet...

NaNo has started!

unrequiteddead has the first part of my first chapter up. 1904 words, woo. I'm going to try and pace myself. My usual way of writing is just to splurge out as much as possible, but I don't want to burn myself out too quickly and then get massive amounts of writers block.

Yesterday I found my Honours Degree Certificate, underneath a load of scarves - which is excellent. It was the only thing holding me back from registering as a teacher (I had searched high and low - but not under scarves.) Now I need to go to a Justice of the Peace, show them the originals and get all of my photocopies signed. And fork out $180 plus the cost of a new criminal records check. I'll be almost fully registered, and certainly allowed to teach if I get a position next February. (I still need to give them a certified copy of my certificate for my Bachelor of Education next April to be completely registered.)

And now, I'm going to watch the next episode of Clocking Off, even though I should really be looking for a job.