September 13th, 2006

Futurama Cylon

The dotted line surrounding the mind...

My Creme Caramel didn't turn out very well at all. They were terrible, in fact. Positively inedible I'd say. Back to the kitchen-board I guess.

I don't know why but today really wasn't a very good day. It started off with me waking up in the small hours of the morning every twenty minutes or so until my alarm went off. It followed with me having to be at University at a horribly early time. And from then on out it was simply blah. Blah blah blah. Blah. BLAH.

vovat sent me some fantastic mix cds which I received a month ago. There were quite a few bands and individual artists I'd only heard of because of him, such as Cracker and Hypnotic Clambake. Then there were some I've been very interested in but too lazy to search out like XTC and They Might Be Giants. There were also artists I already know quite well, such as Belle and Sebastian and Ben Folds Five - but songs of theirs I don't have.

When I was first listening to the cds, I made a list of songs which really leapt out at me. I was going to pad out a description of why I like them a bit more, but I've always been the kind of person who enjoys a lot of music but isn't especially good at commenting why. This is in direct contrast to my engagement with visual texts. Yeah. I don't get it either.

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That's just some of them. You have to understand. I am ridiculously lucky. There wasn't a track I disliked on the cds. Not one. That's very rare for me. Thanks again vovat!