August 29th, 2006

Loz Cola

Any minute now, my ship is coming in...

We watched Life on Mars Episode 7 as a family last night. It was the second time I'd seen it all the way through and I was shocked by how amusing it was. I've always remembered it as being terribly maudlin, but it turns out it is not.

This show has really eaten my brain. It's such a good show - Nick loves it, my parents love it. It's tight and engaging - just beautifully lit, shot and edited. I love the characters, dialogue and plot.

Mum and I were having a discussion about Sam last night which went along the lines of "he's so silly!" "and so naive!" "he can be really annoying!" "but I love him." Mum's always been perplexed by my Phil Glenister love, but she admits that as Gene, he has a brilliant screen presence and chemistry.

Unfortunately, I can't stop thinking about it. I'll be on the bus and going through scenarios in my head. I'll be walking up to my tutorial and be humming the theme tune. The obsession is bad, very bad. I have story ideas constantly. I do believe that very soon I'll have written the most individual pieces for any fandom. That is madness.

I'm sure the obsession will die down eventually... right?
Loz Cola

Do the grapevine and sparkle hands...

Adventures in Physical Education this week included me getting to do aerobics and dance. No busted ankle this time, but certainly a wounded pride. The only people I have seen express delight at the fact we're meant to practice what we're going to preach are non-teachers themselves. Or possibly those who have already got their qualifications and are no longer held accountable for wanting to storm out of gymnasiums. I never quite understood the attitude teachers have shown at every professional development seminar I have participated in up until now, but it's suddenly all making perfect sense.

Still, you'll be sad to know that there were no cameras around as I showed off my brilliant inability to know right from left and that verily, I do not boogie-down very convincingly at all. In fact, I'm that awful kid who stands at the back and snickers at everyone else - until we perform something which requires us to do a full set including incremental revolution and suddenly I'm the kid at the front, hoping that everyone's too embarassed to be bothering about her. I suppose a good aspect of this is that I will fully comprehend the proclivities of my students.

The best news is that, in two weeks time, I'll be co-teaching a ballroom-style dance lesson.