August 2nd, 2006

Futurama Cylon

I took my headphones off and...

A big warm thank you to vovat - the Mix CDs you sent me arrived today and they rock my socks off. New music! Good music! Yay! I'll probably do another post soon talking in more detail about the artists and songs I like.

In other news, the presentation went okay. We were supposed to have 30 minutes for our presentation and 10 minutes for questions/discussion after but for reasons unbeknownst to me, our tutor decided our presentation should go towards the end of our tutorial - so naturally we ran out of time. The timeline activity I had planned had to be compressed or I'd have unruly adult education students threatening mutiny. Several days worth of work got squeezed into 5 minutes. Joy.

Oh well. You have that happen all of the time when you're teaching. There's never enough time.

I still have lots of work to do - including filling out my application for the Department of Education and Children's Services - which is the public South Australian employer/recruiter of teachers. The form is due Friday. That's not even mentioning the things I need to get photocopied and certified by the kindly Justice of the Peace at my local library to hand up with the application. Then, of course, there's the constant journalling for my various topics. As of this moment I'm about to start a 'reflective journal' for Teaching Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Students (this topic may well be the death of me.)

In more fun news, but one still involving me doing stuff, I need to sit with my beta-readers and thoroughly edit my fandom_deja_vu story. Luckily I've got until next Monday. I was a bit worried about that. I'm very surprised there aren't more entries there yet. I have to set aside some time to read isiscolo's entry.

You might be noticing a common theme throughout my journal. It's the "I don't like work and responsibility" theme.
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