July 7th, 2006

Loz Cola

Whiny dancer...

My command of the English language is rapidly declining. This is not me attempting to be witty or amuse all and sundry. In all honesty, I think I'm regressing to the age of ten in terms of what I can and cannot say and write.

I've been typing sentences which, on reread, make little sense. I keep forgetting the vocabulary for the specific items I wish to discuss. My concept of correct grammar is floating in the ether somewhere (prepositions have suddenly become interchangable and random pluralisations occur.)

Once upon a time I was good with words. I knew a lot of words. I knew how to spell them in the standard manner. At the moment, I struggle to spell words I knew backwards at the age of thirteen. I use some of these incorrectly spelled words in the wrong context!

I would be fine with this if it was an occasional thing. It appears to be happening with an increasing frequency. Very soon I shall be communicating to the world through semaphore or mime.
Loz Cola

Assimilate me...

I just stumbled across a post of mine which almost blew my brains out. Posted 22/03/04. The actual thing I am referencing occurs here, 21/03/04.



Oh, little did I know, even if I was being facetious (and I'm ninety-nine percent sure I was.) I further went on after this time to watch Calendar Girls in glee, whenever I was feeling depressed - which was often at that time - because Phil is just so gosh darn cute in it. See? These are the reasons I keep a journal. Endless minutes of amusement, right there. Knowing that as much as things may have changed, lots have also stayed exactly the same.

I'm making due South icons currently. Paul looks so young in the first season. Really young! I remember when I was a kid, I didn't think he was any older than 28. It's the combination of the smallest amount of what can only be described as puppy-fat, and the dye they have in his hair to make it darker. Plus the eyeliner. Hmmm. Eyeliner. On Fraser. "Some like it Red" might be coming up next for icon purposes.

And I believe I have sufficiently fulfilled my fangirling quota for today.