July 4th, 2006

Loz Cola

Wanna kill all humans?..

So it was up early in the morning to get onto the Student System online and register for classes in the second wave and... nada. Badabing zip zero. The 4 spaces which were supposed to be available in each of the 20 classes were all taken up. By 6.30 in the morning.

RARGH! Cities tumble!


BANG! Death all around!

I have to wait until the 11th before more spots will be made available. This is, without a doubt, the most stupid class registration system I have ever encountered. 6 years of University for this kind of crap? I deserve priority, bastards!

I promise I'll be back to your regularly scheduled Loz soon.
Loz Cola

Random televisual babble...

Let it not be said that my daily visits to imdb are fruitless. I'd never have known about Nobody's Watching 1, 2 and 3 if it hadn't been for imdb (though, apparently, thousands of other people are independantly savvy). I really hope this show does come back, and come back mostly intact, because Paul Campbell is cute. That's not the only reason, but he is. I suspect that this is all the result of a nefariously clever marketing campaign.
Loz Cola

Take a look at the lawman...

I can't analyse stories when I'm writing them. It always throws me out of the loop. I'm not sure if it's like that for anyone else. Is it?

I always find that if I start dissecting the story before I've finished, I rarely regain the motivation to continue. Even though I'll reread and I might change a line a little bit before adding more on, I can't start questioning my characterisation or where I'm taking my plot (when I attempt plot, I mean.)

I become unconfident with what I do when I start getting critical.

Unfortunately, this has happened with my latest story. 2200 words in and I made the mistake of perusing it with an analytical eye. "Is he in character here?", "Oh, oh, what scene should come next?, maybe that scene should be moved here, perhaps these scenes are too short.", "The tone seems a bit wonky."

And so, I have been staring at the word processing screen all day, barely adding on more than a few words. Curse me and my analytical mind. My analytical mind that says that every line I add is pure and utter rubbish and my original intention for this story is bad, bad, bad.

I much prefer writing in one long stream and then hacking the product to pieces. It better serves the writing process and my ego.

In other related, but not directly specific news, I had my parents watching the first episode of Life on Mars this evening. Because I rock. Even better, they liked it. Because they rock too.