June 13th, 2006

Loz Purple

I am agog with excitement...

I have a lesson being supervised by my University supervisor tomorrow. I'm trying not to fret, but I think it's dawning on me that I only have 10 days left of this practicum and then I'm practically fully qualified to be a teacher. Which is great, yeah? But also terrifying.

They say it takes 5 years before you start to feel like a proper teacher. I can see that being the case here. And I know that I occasionally have unreasonable expectations of myself, so I do my best to keep that in check. At the same time, though, I know which things I really need to improve upon before I can feel completely ready to take an entire class alone.

I tend to fixate on small insignificant things when big things happen in my life. For some reason my mind thinks this helps me cope. So, I'll spend an hour trying to make one particular icon whilst getting all stressed over it and ranty. Or I'll ponder the most inane things. I'll become neurotic over issues which are more or less pointless.

On the upside, teaching does tend to make me ten times less neurotic. I just don't have the time or energy to be paranoid or overly nervous at school. It's Go Go Go STOP GO! I'm also a lot more logical and rational there (or rather, these qualities of mine are to the forefront of my personality as opposed to hiding under that pile of fangirlish objects on the desk of my mind.)

Anyway, I still need all the luck I can get, so wish me luck.