May 24th, 2006

Loz Cola

Evil Overlord Genius...

Teaching whilst sick is just not recommended.

Being sick is just not recommended.

Cue hideous coughing splutter noises here.

On the upside, I have now infected 23 little minions with germesdeLoz. The world shall surrender to my every whim!

My first whim is a hot water bottle. Thank you kindly.
Loz Cola

X-Men 3 babble...

From IMDb

McKellen: "This particular story was close to my heart; it has an important message to young people who may for one reason or another be disaffected with society because society points at their differences and says that they're inferior to the rest of us."

IMDb: In Brett Ratner's third installment of the comic book adaptation, McKellen's character leads the evil mutant's struggle against government plans to introduce a cure for their conditions.

Please confirm that I am not the only one who found the juxtaposition of those lines incredibly amusing?