May 23rd, 2006

Loz Cola

They weren't called the Monty Python Kids...

These past three days I’ve felt incredibly sick. My throat imploding, my stomach forming a new creature all of its own. I had noxious liquids coming out of seemingly every orifice. Around me was not a good place to be. I lay in bed, occasionally wheezing out for ‘water, water and medication aplenty.’

Also in this time, however, Same Guys, New Dresses appeared on my doorstep. At least I had the Kids to keep me company (I was, of course, at home, and not near those other kids, but I’ll be back at school tomorrow.)

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Brain Candy should be turning up in my mail some time next week. I can’t help but think of it apprehensively, since it was clearly a matter of great pain and annoyance for the Kids. It’s kind of like the Yoko Ono of Canadian comedy.

I can't tell you how glad I am I'm feeling better. I thought for a second I was going to the great spittoon in the sky. I still have more fangirlish drooling to do down here, thank you kindly!
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Loz Cola

Hard rock hallelujah...

Something else I did in my ill state was watch the Eurovision Song Contest with my family. I was rugged up on the sofa in my own contamination field, they were several metres away.

For the first time in years the country I wanted to win won. I was shocked. I was flabberghasted. I wheezed in celebration.

I love Eurovision. What did others think?