May 17th, 2006

Loz Cola

I think that you better come home...

Today has been a most excellent day - which is just as well, because tomorrow I have the third session of my root canal procedure.

First of all; school was great. The kids were well behaved and I felt really wonderful taking control of the class. I felt like a proper teacher.

I got home and found that a very special prize had appeared in my mailbox;
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Thanks stephanie206 and the kindly voting public at snakesonablog. Bwahaha.

Similarly in the mail came my DVD of The Kids in the Hall - Tour of Duty, which I wasn't expecting until the 28th this month. Oh yes.

And I discovered my inbox containing more emails than usual because my recent post on regional spelling was linked to on metafandom by cathexys (which is an amazing yay.)

All in all, I am pleased.
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Loz Cola

Having an average weekend...

I have a feeling this post is going to get edited every ten minutes or so with flailing, squee and reflection.

The introduction to Tour of Duty is just totally giggle worthy. Silly boys.

Scott just mentioned Voyager LMAO. Oh yes.

DAVID! Haaaaah. Hate the hair, think he looks like a teddy, love his mini-sketch. Oh, oh his hair is so much better on stage.


Scott's already clearly deviated from the script three times. Naughty boy. Kevin's overacting is brilliant. And this sketch is so weird with them all being old. Haha. Alternative ending.

HEE Kevin and Dave just stuffed up and giggled. HAAAAAH HE CALLED HIM DAVE. OTPP EVERYONE - OTPP!

KEVIN! LEAVE HIS CROTCH ALONE! Ahhh. And he hears the ocean. *snerk* More giggling! So, so nervous on Dave's part. Not Kevin's, because, well,... he never used to like asparagus, but he does now. "You're lucky I'm still talking to you." Hahahahaha!

"Lay there in an axis of evil" - hah.

Mr Tyzik!!! Mark coming onto stage with the camera is absolute genius. Serious genius. Because the audience? GOOD WITH THE PLAYING ALONG! YAY A HEAD GOT CRUSHED BY MARK! And another! Kevin's molesting more people - bwahahaha. HAHAHAHA THAT IS WRONG ON SO MANY LEVELS. "I'm crushing the only girl who ever let me finger her." Hah.

Yay Danny Husk!

Dave is extraordinarily good at getting things the way they're supposed to be. Him in the Chicken Lady sketch is about perfect.

Cathy and Kathie! "Vagitarian or a cockavore." LMAO.

"If Ralph went and jumped off a bridge, would you?"
"Yes. We have a suicide pact."
Awwww. That should have been longer.

Dave and Kevin are being platonic lovers again. Heee. Great pratfall.

Oh. It's over. Now I'm sad. Extras tomorrow, I think. Can't wait for Same Guys, New Dresses.