May 10th, 2006

KITH (Ensemble)

Someone up there give me strength...

The kids were just bleugh today. I thought I was going to die. Or kill. Or both, at the same time, in a frenzy.

They spent the whole time being insane. They weren't listening, they weren't on task - not even during activity which is playtime, yeah? Cry, whinge here. Cry whinge there. Kick, punch, kick, punch, argue, stammer, fight. Cry, whinge, cry, whinge, cry.

I tried Simon Says. I tried being stern. I tried reading a story. Relaxation time. Splitting all argumentative kids up. Doing something which involved team work. Painting. You name it, it was tried. But they continued to be bleugh.

I don't know if there's something going on with the moon, or something in the water, or the realisation that this is the second week back in a long, long term set in, but this day seemed to stretch forever with constant pushing.

My university supervisor is coming tomorrow. I really want the little angels to be angelic. Because today? a whole world of no.