May 9th, 2006

Loz Cola

Sighing grandly...

I miss Erica.

For people who are new to this journal, Erica was another student teacher with me on my last practical experience. Sue (my current supervising teacher) is lovely, but doesn't chat during recess or lunch, to anyone. Andrea, a student teacher out on prac with me at the school this time, seems nice enough, but is also not very chatty, and spends a great deal of time text messaging people.

So there's me, sitting, observing and thinking and it's fine, I'm not about to commit journal suicide like the first time I was on my lonesome at a school, but I miss Erica. When I make friends with people, it's generally for as long as they'll have me. Erica doesn't have the internet at home and we never exchanged numbers.

Of a recess or a lunch time, we'd sit and chat, and giggle and tease, and she almost killed me on my own Ribena. But it was comfortable, relaxing and gave us both a little something to look forward to. The day not going so well? Well, there was always someone to chat to at recess and lunch, someone in the same predicament. We latched onto each other, both shy but witty, both confident in some areas, terrified in others. On the last day of prac we both put our hair up in pigtails. I can't believe we actually did that, but we did. It was amusing. I was amused. She was amused. The kids were very amused. I can't see myself ever doing anything like that with Andrea.

So, yes. That's it, really.