May 6th, 2006

Loz Cola


"Call of the Wild" commentary version!

*is dead*

I take back everything nasty I ever said about this episode.

Best. Episode. Ever.

Paul giggling. Paul telling anecdotes. Paul melting me with his unearthly sexy voice. Paul clearly being madly in love with Callum (watch out Hugh and Don).

Oh my God.

"I don't naturally have good posture, but I was forced into it."

OOOOOH, I always wondered about that. Evil, but wonderful uniform.


And he doesn't say anything about the "if you'll have me" scene. I guess the blooper reel fills in volumes there. Actually, I'm really disappointed he didn't talk about Ray K's discussion with Thatcher over identity, either. It's such an important scene. Er, yes, he's not doing the commentary purely for slashers, I realise that.

*Binary Scene*

"That's one of the more serious moments, clearly, and still brings a tear to my eye."


Hmm. Having listened to the whole commentary, I have to say that Paul curtailed his inner hardcore slasher remarkably well. He completely ignored all of the slashy elements in the episode, including the ending. Well done, Paul. But yeah, we know.