May 3rd, 2006

Loz Cola

Autosaved draft at 12.13.06 AM...

Recently I have come to a startling conclusion. It shocked me to the core. I will never be a Big Name Fan. When dwelling on this subject, as I travelled to school on the bus, I came up with some of the reasons. And these were they;

1. Big Name Fans get to be “Big Names” by virtue of contributing something of high quality to the fannish community. It might be vids, icons, websites, popular fiction. There are several contributions a person can make. It’s highly unlikely you will find a Paris Hilton equivalent of the Big Name Fan, probably because there isn’t enough self-tanning lotion in the world. As I do not contribute much to the fannish community, I do not become well-known enough for someone to say “Oh look, it’s that BNF Loz again, get your pitchforks!” Yes, I write fan fiction every now and then, but usually these pieces are short, and rarely inspire proclamations of love nor offerings of First Born Children. I simply don’t contribute much to the fannish community. Of course, the reason I don’t do this might have something to do with reason number 2.

2. I was commenting to versaphile earlier and stated that I actively participate in four of my fandoms. Correction. I actively participate in; due South, Kids in the Hall, Slings and Arrows, Life on Mars, Battlestar Galactica, Futurama, Horatio Hornblower and yes, to a now greatly lesser extent, Harry Potter. That’s eight. Eight fandoms. When I say “actively participate in”, I mean that I involve myself in episode/book discussion, character discussion, the occasional fan fic, and it’s likely I lurk a fair amount. Granted, several of these are inter-related. But I also hover on the outskirts of other fandoms. Think Buffy, Angel, Whose Line is it Anyway?, Doctor Who, Stargate and occasionally Lost.

My whole life is fandompalooza. Not content with just one at a time, I devour them all at once. My devotion is spread thin across the ground. I simply don’t have the fannish time to dedicate to contributions worthy of such an honourable (well, let's face it, dubious) title. The best BNFs are known in around three to four fandoms, and usually in a way which means that they pass from one to the other. The title which best fits the way I involve myself in this wider subversive world would most likely be Fandom Whore.

3. I simply can’t be arsed.
Loz Cola

Anecdotal notes...

We were talking about Autumn today, because here in Adelaide (and surprisingly, the rest of Australia), it is Autumn and teaching young students about the seasons is very important. Instead of just saying "It's Autumn" we decided to see if the students could figure it out for themselves.

We showed several books with pictures of the different things you could see in the various seasons and one of the pictures for Autumn was of two golf players playing in hail. So we go outside and look for clues as to what season it is. There had also been pictures of falling leaves, mushrooms springing up, and students wearing jumpers but still playing about madly. The kids started collecting leaves and talking about all of the things we saw. Screaming at snails. You know the drill.

Inside we asked a series of questions, and went through the pictures again. "Did we see falling leaves?" Yes. "Did we feel like going into the swimming pool, like these children?" No. "Did we see mushrooms?" Yes. "Hmm, did we see any hail?" Well, no, not today.

One of the new students raised his hand and said in absolute seriousness, "We didn't see any people playing Golf either."

I had a gigglefit for around ten minutes.

Oh dear. I'm glad I wasn't the only teacher in the room. I could barely breathe.