April 3rd, 2006

Loz Cola

Two words: blackmail...

This is the time where I wonder why I never learn from my mistakes.

I have been through this exact same situation before. I chose a topic which could not sustain my interest, I became scared of the amount of work and decided that saying "I'll do it tomorrow!" was acceptable, and then I started freaking out because of how much I have to do.

This time, I have, at least, done more work towards it than I had last time, but the question still needs to be asked - why do I never learn from my mistakes?

'Healthy Eating' isn't quite 'Homosexual Themes in the Victorian Gothic', and I don't have to write 13,000 words of referenced thesis, but it might as well be. I have reading, and resources, and 'justification' to do, and what am I doing? I'm updating my Livejournal complaining about it. Oh yes, the stupidity is strong with this one.

It's not just this either, it's everything. BAH!

My Star Trek calendar for April is interesting; 'Ensign Chekov [Walter Koenig] plots the course of the U.S.S Enterprise toward the long-dead planet Cheron. ["Let That Be Your Last Battlefield"]'

This of course, reminds me of one of my favourite Futurama scenes...

Walter Koenig: "When we woke up, we had these bodies."
Fry: "Say it in russian!"
Walter Koenig: "Hrrrmm. When we woke up we had these wodies."
Fry: "Wheeee, now say nuclear vessels."
Walter Koenig: "No!"

Hahaha. Right. Back at it.
Loz Cola

Two words: boycott...

Hell and buggery. I thought the resource folder was worth 40% and our craptapular film would be worth 60%, but it's t'other way around. Darn you, mostly pointless Technology course! Why did I have to spend three hours a week making odd and bad quality mechanisms or fulfilling silly and open-ended competitions when I could have been doing something useful, hmm?

See, at this point, I think such teaching courses as Keeping your Temper 101 and 500 Techniques of Quickly Cleaning Up Paint 201 or 6 Ways of Approaching Snot 301 would be vastly more helpful than "I want you to build this contraption today - it won't fit in your resource folder that's worth 60% of your mark, but it will be fun for me to watch you crash and burn. Oh, and also? you need to pluck your eyebrows. Thank you!"