April 2nd, 2006

Loz Cola

I was just auditioning a dancer in virtual reality...

I kind of went crazy with adding people on Livejournal this weekend. I feel like I should apologise profusely.

It had to happen at some point. Pre-friending spree, I can only think of five people I added first. I always waited for people to add me. Even if I really liked someone from conversations in various communities, I waited for them to add me. I would hop from journal to journal outside of my friends list, interested in what people had to say, but I wouldn't add them to make it easier for me to find out.

I'm not really sure why I did this. Part of it was because I do tend to update a lot, and if people added me back, I didn't want to be giving people with quieter friends lists the All Loz All the Time treatment. Another part was that I felt someone who wanted to read my journal would add me, or could do what I had been doing. Another part of it was anal retentiveness in wanting my friends and mutual friends lists to be identical (they never have been, but it worked in theory).

Finally, I decided, I was sick of hopping around like my country's national symbol, the kangaroo. I was going to add all of those people whose company I enjoy in the fandoms and communities I frequent. I would not mind if they did not add me back, because that wasn't the point - I've always been interested in what they have to say, and this is merely facilitating that.

So, yes. I still feel really weird about it, and like I said, feel like I should say sorry. Even though I read friending policies carefully, I can't help but think I'm like an intruder in some ways, popping out from the undergrowth with a grin and a glass of diet vanilla cola.

And this is when I realised I take this Livejournal Friending lark far too seriously for my own good.
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