March 31st, 2006

Loz Cola

I wish all the world were tangerine...

You know what it's like when something starts eating your brain? You keep thinking you should be doing something else, but you just can't because the little grey cells are being chewed up and regurgitated into a new formation.

Yes, that's me at the moment. I rather fear I shall soon have no discernible brain left and will have to figure out a way to create the semblance of genius by a well-timed series of clicks and grunts.

I think the worst thing is that it's not just one item eating my brain. There are about five separate ones, starting in different areas, just gnawing away at me. Do this. Don't do this. You love me, don't you? Bitch, you never talk about me, am I always to be ignored? Refresh, refresh, click, type, click, refresh, refresh, refresh.

I wish they'd just leave me alone.

Um. To anyone I have recently added, I promise I'm not as insane as this post makes me seem. Or, I am, but I'm completely harmless. Honest.