March 25th, 2006

Loz Cola

We're in our fines and shinies...

I went to see Mrs. Henderson Presents today. It wasn't at all as I expected a film about the Windmill Theatre's all-nude revues to be. I thought it would be more pointedly humourous, more exaggerated and really, much less realistic. I like that it wasn't as I expected. I go to the cinema to be surprised as well as to be familiarly comfortable. That's why I usually detest film trailers, I don't want to see the whole film condensed into a minute.

The performances were really solid, especially from Judi Dench and Bob Hoskins. I was even somewhat surprised by British Pop Idol Will Young. Kelly Reilly, who I recently saw in Pride and Prejudice (2005) was extremely convincing as the ostensible star of the nude tableau for the revue. It was also interesting seeing Natalia Tena in another role before she plays Tonks. The characters they played were engaging. I liked Mrs. Henderson, our eponymous hero, the most.

I felt the plot was less cohesive than it could have been. There were moments which felt out of place, events which seemed unnecessary. This was easy to ignore with the wonderful, wonderful dialogue, however. There were some fantastic lines, usually delivered by Judi Dench with aplomb.

The score was wonderful, with great songs well performed, including a heartfelt rendition of 'All The Things You Are'. The sets and the costumes were of the highest quality. Everything was extremely well shot, though the use of stock footage of World War 2 bombings jarred me a little bit.

A good film. I'm glad I saw it.