March 16th, 2006

Loz Canada

There is no love in writing about love. Only a deadline...

I'm kind of madly in love with Canada at the moment. If you hadn't noticed that, you worry me. It's been almost an entire year of being madly in love with Canada, really. And it's funny, because it isn't so much a case of "oh I want to be there tomorrow!" It's far more a case of "I love loving Canada from afar."

I don't feel like I belong in Canada, it's more that Canadian things belong with me. I want to visit Canada, but I want to live in Adelaide. So my seeming obsession, which I've always had, but which is currently occupying my everything, does confuse me, just a bit. If South Australia still had a television and film industry, perhaps I would be as madly obsessed with that as I am with the Canadian entertainment products of yesteryear and today. As it is, we don't.

I'm sure I actually had some kind of point when I started this post, but to be honest, Nick came home, we watched BsG together and now I'm not really sure what it was.

I guess the general point is "Whee! Canada!" ?
Loz Cola

Asking, asking, asking - always multitasking...

I read someone recently who said something to the effect of 'we need to teach our kids morals'.

I thought something to the effect of 'how is this possible?' and 'whose morals do we teach?'

I wondered if I had in the place in the school system, since we're supposed to be instructing kids in value education.

How can you teach morality? Perhaps my not coming from a religious background precludes my understanding of this. Maybe it's very easy to teach morality? I've always thought morality and religion could be easily divested of each other, but there's a chance I was wrong. If they're not taught, though, just where do morals come from?

I generally think the best I can do is to teach that there is such a thing as morality, and that it is an individual's choice on what to follow and who to believe, but usually, it's a Good Thing to be polite, and society works a lot better if we're not all killing each other, causing pain, and basically acting like pissants.

But perhaps that isn't quite enough?
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