March 14th, 2006

Loz Cola

A day in the life of [insert poster here]...

In my pursuit of being the teachingest darn teacher that ever teached, I find myself compiling a Unit Plan for 'Healthy Eating'. Oh, the joys.

Unit Planning is intricate. It requires thought, concentration and justification. This especially applies under the South Australian education system. We do not operate from a set syllabus, a prescribed curriculum. Oh, no. We have guidelines which we are recommended to use as an infrastructure. Apart from this, every single element involves decision making skills of superior quality.

This is a double edged sword, to say the least. Whilst it is probably considerably easier to differentiate for individual students' needs under this system, it does require an excess of thought and planning. In some ways you feel more accountable. In many ways it feels like a lot more work. Oh, please, just give me a text book and tell me what to say!

Most unfortunately, betwixt these sessions of Unit Planning, I seem to have caught a cold from somewhere. My nose is a gushing torrent of light green fluid. My head aches and pounds with the rhythm of two-hundred-and-eighty-two African drums. And I'm not positive, but I think there might be a nest of wasps in my throat.
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