March 4th, 2006

Loz Cola

Tales told by idiots...

Ever since I was quite young I've always been interested in Shakespeare and tales of his plays. My child conception of plays like Hamlet and The Merchant of Venice were so far from the reality it's really quite amusing to think of it.

I positively hate Romeo and Juliet, I'm really rather fond of Macbeth and if I were to be honest, A Midsummer Night's Dream pips Hamlet for top spot on my favourites list. I'm the type of person who has actually been known to read a play for pleasure, with no work attached to it (and believe me, this is the best way.)

In my second year of University I did a whole topic, most imaginatively titled "Shakespeare" and I enjoyed it immensely. We were asked to pick a passage from one of the plays in our collection of complete works which were delineated for study, prepare it as a reading and then give a short academic talk on various points. We didn't have to learn it off by heart, which was rather merciful if you ask me. I chose a passage from Measure For Measure. More fool I, the memory has gone as to which one, and it is likely I don't have it written down anywhere.

In my class I had several of the Flinders Drama students. They are a rare subset of the BA construction, actually doing Bachelors of Creative or Fine Arts. These students were actors who acted, to put it in its simplest form. Apprentices, but actors all the same. After the tutorial where I gave my reading and academic talk, I was waiting at the bus stop (as I so often am) and one of these actor boys came and stood near me. The dialogue went something to the effect of;

"I wanted to thank you for finally making that session interesting."
"I'm sorry?"
"Your reading."
"It's usually so boring to have to sit there and listen, but this time..."
"Are you being sarcastic?"
"Er. Thank you... I suppose."
"Heh, you're welcome... I suppose."
"I'm just not used to you scary acty people."
"Um. Okay."

Shortly thereafter the bus came, and this nice young man never spoke to me again.

I'm relatively sure that when I started this post I had some sort of point to make, but in reliving the painful memory of acute embarrassment, I've managed to forget what it was. Um. Yes. There's a post about the second season of Slings and Arrows coming up at some point, with pictures and long rambling passages and that which is more commonly known as squee. That will be fun. For me.
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