March 3rd, 2006

Loz Cola

The princess and the... bzuh?

I had a really uncomfortable sleep last night, tossing and turning in the midnight heat. Anyway, I get up in the morning and after I've stretched notice... there's a pencil in my bed. Um. Okay? How the hell did that get there? No wonder I couldn't sleep properly.
Loz Cola

Run for your lives...

Slings and Arrows Season 2!


I have endless love for Paul Gross, who is simply brilliant. Brilliant. HE'S BRILLIANT!

This scene where Geoffrey and Ellen stop kissing and he's this earnest "that was good, though, I enjoyed it." The way he says it, it's so… there isn't a word for it. You just have to hear it. Paul and Martha have an amazing, enthralling chemistry. They are hot together. Hot, people. Actually, you know what? Here - Geoffrey and Ellen.

Geoffrey: "Actors should be frightened for their lives, that's when they do their best work."
Richard: "Really? That's just like normal people."

"Oliver Welles is dead, I poured him in the river and swans ate him, what do I have to do to get this man out of my life?"

MARK MCKINNEY SINGS WONDERFULLY. It's Gilbert and Sullivan, I'm not sure which. MARK!!!!! Oh, it's Major General from Pirates of Penzance. Hahaha. Mark rocks so much.

I've only seen the first episode and I'm in raptures here. More. More. NOW!