February 23rd, 2006

Loz Cola

Death is but the next big adventure...

I think it's safe to say that Harry Potter fandom has well and truly left me.

It might be a temporary thing, but for the most part - I'm feeling no love. I have no desire to reread the books nor rewatch the films. I very rarely think about it. I even completely forgot it was one of my fandoms when I answered a "what are your fandoms" question the other day.

It's so sad.
Loz Cola

Waiting like matter can never be created nor destroyed...

Title: Character Study in Blue
Rating: G
Fandom: None, original fiction.
Word Count: 300 words exactly.
Notes: This came to me after watching someone closely for much longer than they would probably have liked. I wish I could develop it beyond 300 words, but my imagination seems to have failed me. If you have any ideas, they would be more than welcome.

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