February 22nd, 2006

Loz Cola

Freshly squosen muffins...

So, it's back to University. Let's not all scream 'yay' at once. My classes aren't that bad, but there is going to be a lot of reading and academic work attached to them. I can handle both reading and academic work, I just prefer not to.

In fact, I'm surprised by how much I prefer teaching to being at University. Would this be the case without a supervising teacher, however? After a while, it's quite likely. This constantly surprises me. I always half-expected to hate teaching with a passion and to end up being completely lost with no career path and little motivation. As it is, I find teaching challenging but worth it. I love interacting with the students. It seems to suit me. You will probably notice me saying the exact reverse towards the middle of May, as I am starting practicum, but for now - it's cautious confidence.

I had someone come and sit next to me on the bus today. I hate it when that happens. When a complete stranger comes and sits next to me on the bus. It's not like there weren't other seats to go sit in, but no, they chose to invade my personal space. This woman was squeezing up right next to me, too, it was so uncomfortable. People on buses. Hmph.
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